When it comes to Tampa based girl group Layomi the Tampa Baes, a classy feel comes to mind, but their cut-throat lyricism and straight to the point delivery proves they aren’t to be messed with. Composed of OG Layla Johnson and Naomi Bravo, Layomi The Tampa Baes produce a bubble gum trap based sound with a sassy attitude and it’s precisely what the music industry is missing.

OG Layla Johnson was born in Hopewell, Virginia then shortly moved to Tampa, Flordia at the age of two. Taking after her father, who was a lyrist, she became fascinated with the world of music after finding his book of rhymes. By six, she was writing, by eight, she was recording, and by 20, she made music her full-time career by releasing music and performing throughout South Florida. Heavily influenced by Tupac, Salt-N-Pepa, and Lauryn Hill, OG Layla Johnson developed her sound around a relatable delivery while gravitating towards fun but head-knocking beats.

Naomi Bravo was born in the Dominican Republic and spent her life soaking up the culture between Tampa, Florida, and her native land. Being a musician became a standard in her family as her musical background and influence stems from generations of singers, lyricists, and musicians. After getting her start in creating her own music at 18, it became her full-time career as an alternative R&B singer. She gravitated towards Aaliyah, Jhene Aiko, Rihanna, and Selena as musically influenced while developed her sound. 

Layomi The Tampa Baes was formed after the two discovered their ability to create a sound that compliments each other. With OG Layla Johnson’s hip hop influence and Naomi Bravo’s sweet vocals, the hip hop group quickly became a force to be reckoned with. The two friends clicked naturally in their friendship and professional career, making authentic vibrations that are unmatched. The Tampa Baes represent a group of women focused on empowerment rather than competition. By uplifting each other rather than competing, the Tampa based movement performs and creates throughout Florida, giving a sense of ownership and creative control for women.

Navigating through the music industry is no easy task, but for Layomi The Tampa Baes, it seems effortless. With a refreshing sound entering the hip hop scene and female MCs on the rise, there’s no way the energy, lyricism, and aesthetic of Layomi The Tampa Baes can be missed.